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Google Adwords is an online advertising tool that we can use to help promote your website. You only advertise to the people searching for your products and services, allowing you to precisely target your audience.

We manage over £3000 worth of adverts per month for our clients.

When a user types a keyword into Google, a range of adverts appear within the sponsored links, a prominent place adjacent or above the natural results on search engines results page.
Google Adwords Qualified

These adverts are part of a Pay-Per-Click program know as Adwords – an internet advertising model in which advertisers pay only when their ad is clicked. The prices for the sponsored links adverts are defined through a bid system, and that’s why you need constant bid monitoring to make sure you get the desired results with the lowest cost per click.

This is where King’s Lynn Website Design can help by ensuring you avoid wasted clicks and pay less per click than your competitors!

Benefits of Adwords Advertising

Reach through Adwords AdReach – Over 50% of internet searchers in the UK that click on AdWords Adverts

Pay only when someone clicks on Google AdCost – You only pay when someone clicks on your Google Ad, thereby getting qualified leads.

Google Ads are shown when users are searching for those productsTiming – Google Ads are only shown when internet users are searching for those products or services.

Update your online campaign anytimeFlexibility & Control – King’s Lynn Website Design can update your campaigns at any time to adapt to any current promotion or campaign.

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